Friday, August 3, 2012

Originally posted 8/3/12 >> Tiffany & Nickhun Dating Rumors [CONFIRMED APR 03,2014]

Some rumors about Tiffany and Nichkhun on internet :
- Tiffany & Yuri are like MBC’s daughter. Staffs really like them, they’re so nice with everyone & very professional when it comes to work. But I don’t know about the new MCs trio, TTS.
- Nichkhun is one of the male idols that is highly respected by staffs. Everyone said that he’s nice & well-mannered.

- They said that for WGM couples, some of them don’t even contact each other off-screen. When the cameras are filming, they act all lovey dovey, once cameras stop rolling, they only greet and bow to each other.
- Everything we see in WGM are scripted & planned. WGM have a team who plan all these couple events, surprises, dates.
- Nichkhun was supposed to be paired with T-Ara’s Eunjung but got cancelled at the very last minute because of conflicting schedules. So Victoria filled her spot.

Khunfany :
- The rumor Nichkhun and Tiffany dating is true. MBC’s staffs know this.
- Tiffany is close to Nichkhun’s family. ( this one came from MBC’s staffs who were in charge for the Bangkok concert ) They said that Nichkhun’s parents visited them at hotel & at the concert.
- Nichkhun & Tiffany are a sweet couple, they’re not afraid to show it during rehearsals & backstage even when there are cameras because they know somehow MBC will cut that part for broadcast.
cr : immasoneg

- Some claimed that a few of the korean nitizens know about their relationship / have pictures but decided to keep it a secret. Probably since they respect them or they dont want bad things to happen to their idols.
- Khun grabbed fanys hand before they walked into the gate « This one the OP said theres pictures but its on the chinese blogger sites / they were taken down or something?
cr : Baidu (via Jetiness)


  1. pictures/proof or get the fuck out.

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    2. It's confirmed that they're together.

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  3. this rumor still hot now?
    i think the couple is serious